City History



History of our City

    1155 First documented mention of Sindelfingen
    1263 Founding of the city by Graf Rudolf von Tübingen-Herrenberg
    Middle Ages Notable weaving industry
    1535 Entrance of the Protestant Reformation
    1944 Stuttgart/Sindelfingen oil refinery bombed by the Oil Campaign of World War II
    1958 Partnership with the French city Corbeil-Essonnes
    1962 S. became "Große Kreisstadt"
    1971 Maichingen and Darmsheim were incorporated
    1987 Last Volksfest, a summer festival (the site was required for a county garden exhibition)
weaving industry survived until most of Europe's textile industry was
wiped out due to Asian imports. Some textile distribution centres are
still left in the town. Former weaving mills can still be found in the
city area, now used as offices for the computer industry. This is due to
the takeover of Hollerith by IBM which used the punched card technology
from the weaving mills.